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Drug Description

Soma is known as an excellent muscle relaxant which is used to treat severe or mild injuries and pain in any muscle regions. It obstructs the transmission of pain signals from the muscles into the brain by doing so it relieves the patient from experiencing the pain.

Before using Soma contact your doctor

Soma is categorized under the schedule of CSA medicines due to its addictive property. It is unlawful to use Soma without providing a valid prescription. The best approach is consulting your doctor and discusses your health conditions, previous and current medical records and diseases that you are suffering from or suffered in the past.

It is necessary to inform your doctor regarding the medications that you are taking whether you are taking it for long term or short term. It is because of the fact that many medications seem to interact with this drug and cause several unpleasant side effects. However not all the medication would result in the same. Yet, to be on a safer side you have to let your doctor know about all the drugs that you are currently taking.

After the consultation, based on your reports and clinical analysis doctor can suggest you, Soma, if he/she thinks this drug is suitable for you.

Withdrawal Syndrome

FDA approved Soma and classified under the group of controlled medication. Since it is very popular it will be available in different drugstores. Though it is widely available you should not buy this medication without the approval of your doctor.

As this drug has addictive characteristic many people start abusing it. If you suddenly stop using this pill, you may feel certain withdrawal symptoms like cramps, sickness, sleepless nights and stomach ache. Pregnant women should not consume this drug as it would cause fetal harm.

Adverse effect

Carisoprodol is a generic name of Soma. You can choose any formulation like you can make a choice between brand medication and any generic medication which is approved by FDA. If you are allergic to any brand version of the medication, you will also be allergic to the generic formulation as well.

The very common allergic reactions are:

  • Problems in breathing
  • Swelling up of face muscles
  • Hives

Both the formulation of this drug shares the same adverse side effects which include:

  • Cramps
  • Changes in Vision
  • Paralysis

If you are encountering any of the above adverse side effects then it is safe to discontinue the medication and immediately contact your doctor.


You can purchase any dosage strength of Soma by using over the counter method. Most commonly people purchase 250 mg or 350 mg. It should be consumed as per your doctor’s instruction. Usually, the doctor will recommend you to take this drug thrice a day. The 250 mg pills will come in a circle shape, white in color and have the imprint of “SOMA 250”. 350mg pills will also have the same shape and same color but comes with the imprint of “SOMA 350”. Based on the severity of your health condition the dosage strength may vary. Simply you may be prescribed with one particular dose of Soma whereas another patient who has been encountering the same problem may prescribe with dosage strength.

The drug dependency may happen if you are taking it for more than prescribed duration as it is addictive in nature.

Yet, when it is properly consumed by abiding your doctor’s instruction it will not provide the harmful effect.

Drug interactions

The effect of certain medication can be changed by other drug’s interference, which is a drug interaction. Few interactions may increase the risk of side effects. Before initiating the treatment, it is very important to inform your doctor about all the medications (with prescription or with no prescription) that you are taking. You should tell them even if you are taking any sort of herbal or natural supplements.

This information will help your doctor to recommend you the perfect dosage for you and it also prevents any unpleasant effects. Before buying this pill or any other pill try to confirm with your doctor.

Here are the medications which interact with Soma medication. It includes a drug that treats anxiety, antihistamines, sleeping aid or any other muscle relaxants. If you drink alcohol during the treatment, it may cause sedative effects so it is better to avoid alcohol consumption.


Consider these precautions before buying the drug and let your doctor know about your disease completely. If you have any allergic reaction towards Carisoprodol you should not take Soma. You should also let your doctor know about allergic reactions to any other medication in the past. Inform your physician if you are suffering from any diseases like liver disease, kidney illness or heart-related problem so that your doctor can tell whether Soma is the right drug for you or not.

Strictly avoid sharing this drug with another patient though they have the same health condition. So try to store this medicine away from those people. Pregnant women or women who breastfeed their child should not take this drug as FDA had issued the warning that the chemical ingredient in this drug will cause harmful effect on a newborn.

It should not be used by people under the age of 16 years and above the age of 65 years.

Withdrawal syndrome

If you stop taking this drug abruptly, you may encounter several withdrawal symptoms. Most patients had reported with withdrawal syndrome like cramps, sleeping disease, headache or stomach ache. Tell your doctor if you are encountering any of the above-mentioned signs and symptoms. It is also advised to maintain your muscles in a relaxed state before buying Soma.