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What is Soma? 

Soma is a pain relief medication. It is one of the most prescribed drugs for pain relief around the United States. The working of Soma involves that this drug would act in the central nervous system of a person. In general, it acts as a skeletal muscle relaxant of the carbamate class and that it is also responsible for producing the effects that are associated with the barbiturates. Soma is used for the short period of time treatment of muscle pain and discomforts. One can consider taking this drug along with any other physical therapy or treatments. It helps in relaxing the muscles and nerves in the body.

Soma is classified as a controlled substance, it is due to the presence of potential in Soma that causes abuse and addiction. The available dosage of Soma is 500mg and 350mg. In these, Soma 500mg is the most prescribed dose of medication for treating pain in many people. Soma dosages can be bought from online drugstores and it requires a prescription to order Soma online. Some people wonder is Soma a narcotic. But, it actually depends on how people take this drug to treat their discomfort. For certain people, they might feel that taking Soma helps them in relieving from the pain they suffer, however, some individuals use the medicine illegally and get addicted to it. 

What are the uses of Soma? 

Soma is an opioid drug, that is used mainly to treat severe pain in people. This drug would be prescribed for mild pains or discomforts. Other than that this drug’s medical uses involve,


2.Anxiolytic condition

3.Muscle Relaxation

4.Erectile Hyper-function


Working of Soma 

Soma is an oral muscle relaxant drug. However, the exact working of this medication is still unknown, but it seems that this drug may work by altering the nerves in the brain. It affects the signals that pass over the brain and the nerves so that a patient will not be able to feel the pain sensation in the body. It actually modulates the activity of the neurotransmitters in the spinal cord and reticular formation in the brain. Soma is usually prescribed for a period of three months or less. Some people who are suffering from cerebral palsy and severe daily spasm might take Soma which would be very helpful for them and can continue the treatment for a long time depending on the advice of their Physician. 

Who Manufactures Soma?

As of now, there are many pharmaceutical companies available to manufacture Soma legally. However, in the United States, this drug is being manufactured and marketed by Meda Pharmaceuticals. The generic version of Soma is called Carisoprodol which is also manufactured by Meda Pharmaceuticals only. One can buy cheap Soma online from our exclusive online pharmacy. We have Soma 500mg and 350mg which you can order from us depending on your requirement. Usually, the choice of the drug depends on the level of pain that you experience. 

Soma for Pain relief

Is wondering Soma a good pain reliever? Well, it is a good pain relieving drug. It is mainly prescribed to the people who are suffering from mild pain or discomforts.  Anxiety, fear, and depressions are the amplifiers of pain in the body. Soma helps to relieve them. The Physician might prescribe this drug on a daily basis or might only for a certain period of time to treat your pain. It is necessary that one should have to ensure the required the dose of medication with the doctor before procuring it from the pharmacy to ease your pain. 

Soma for muscle or back pain 

One can take Soma to treat their back and muscle pain. Soma is one of the best and an effective medication which is used for treating the muscle pain in the body. This drug is made so as to reduce the effects of pain in the body. It also helps to stop the pain sensation before that passes from their nerves to their brain. Thus, it makes you not to feel your pain.

The main active ingredient that is present in this medication is Carisoprodol. It affects the central nervous system. The main working of this drug is that it prevents the transmitting of signals between the central nervous system and pain signals to the brain.

This muscle relaxer begins to act efficiently within the 30 minutes after the intake. The effect would last for about five to six hours solidly. It sustains by metabolizing in the liver region. The half-life of Soma is nearly eight hours. 

Soma Muscle relaxant 

It is a true muscle relaxant and it specifically targets the skeletal muscle nerves that help in controlling the muscle. Soma serves as a blanket that generally affects the entire central nervous system. However, the effects of Soma is a bit lesser compared to the other muscle relaxant such as baclofen, dantrolene, and tizandine. 

Available brands of Soma 

Soma is available in three other brands and they are namely,

1.Pain O Soma

2.Soma Max


Pain O Soma contains the active ingredient Carisoprodol in it. It is used for treating pain and also helps in treating many other musculoskeletal disorders such as spasms, muscle tremor, and muscle stiffness. It works by blocking the signal passing between the brain and the nervous system. It is usually prescribed to the people who are suffering from the previous injury and various other disorders of muscle pain.

Soma Max is a well-known brand medication of Soma. It is primarily recommended for the treatment of special deficiency condition of growth hormone secretion and manage growth hormone shortages. This drugs used to work accurately as a natural growth hormone and it can be used for the development of growth of bones muscles.

ProSoma is the medicine that is classified as a central nervous system depressant. It used to break the nerve sensation thus by affecting the functioning across the pain. Doctors used to advice their patients to take more water while consuming this drug for treating their pain. 

Contradictions of Soma 

It is important that one should have to inform the doctor about any disorders that you suffer from, before ordering Soma online. It might make you to avoid this drug and can get prescribed with a better drug for treating your health issue. Stop taking Soma if you experience hypersensitivity to this drug or if you are suffering from liver or kidney diseases. A person who is under the age of 12 should not take this drug for any cause. Since it is classified as a controlled substance, one should have to take a good care before taking this drug for treating their pain. We strongly recommend a consumer to visit their physician before placing your Order of Soma online. 

Side Effects of Soma

Before you begin to buy Soma online, one should have to consult with the doctor about any of the possible side effects that one could experience with the intake of Soma. It is because this drug would cause some serious effects that include;

1.Respiratory failure



4.Adequate weakness

5.Vision impairment



8.Swelling of the face,

9.A headache

10.Sleeping disorders

11.Allergic responses

If anyone experience any of these mentioned side effects then seeking a medical help is completely necessary.

Soma and Alcohol 

Soma is available in the United States since 1959. It is prescribed to the patients as a skeletal muscle relaxant and this drug belongs to the class of Carbamate. This drug is classified under schedule IV of a controlled substance. It is because that this drug has a potential to cause abuse. People used to compare Soma and alcohol, they might or might not know that this would increase the hypnotic and intoxicating effects of Soma. It is lethal to a person’s health. Both Soma and Alcohol used to affect the central nervous system and thus it affects the chemicals reaction in the brain including GABA. Consuming Soma and alcohol together might reflect in thinking and judgment ability in a person. This would make a person to experience drowsiness and dizziness. An overdose of Soma along with alcohol would be fatal. If you are an alcoholic, then it is important to take a consult with the doctor before taking Soma.

Soma User’s Review 

Soma is used as a skeletal muscle relaxant. This drug is used as a analgesics and depressants. It is used in the treatment of migraines and depression in patients. It is used by the people who are suffering from a mild pain in their body or discomforts they experience. It actually works by affecting the central nervous system in the brain and reduce the effect of pain in the body. Many people have been prescribed with Soma for treating their pain over the years. Some of the reviews have been given by the people who have used Soma to treat their health disorders.

“I have been taking Soma for almost 13 years now. I have a nerve pain and a muscle spasm with in activity. It is really hard for me that I am not able to get into a deep sleep and sitting much night suffering from these pains. When I started to take Soma, it really worked very well. It is the only prescription that actually works. I have never experienced any side effects to Soma and it really helps in dealing with the pain, so that now I can get into a deep sleep. It does not cause constipation or health palpating problems. I have used some other muscle relaxant but they just have ended up in giving me a wild dream and makes me feel horrible. But Soma is best for me. I was told that this drug will not be available in 2 years, I will be miserable for sure. Thank god it wasn’t and I would like to access for the time being so.” – Mike Andrews 

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