Shipping Policy

shipping provides 100% assurance in delivering the drug package each and every time to our customers on every order they place with us. We provide a tracking number to the customers and we monitor the traveling of your package from the moment it gets dispatched from our warehouse until it reaches your place and gets delivered to you rightfully. If any issues occurred at the time of transit of medication package, we will send a notification email within a span of 24 hours or less. After that we will provide you with a new tracking number and your alternate package of drugs will be shipped to your location within a one day. You will receive the tracking number only after the completion of your payment transaction for the medicines. In case if you make your order of the pain relief medication over the weekend, then you will get the tracking number only on the next business day.

Our Shipment Conditions

  • Make a note of it that under any reason we do not provide a reshipment or refund for your order when you have given an incorrect or invalid address for shipping and delivery.
  • We require a confirmation on the identity of the person before we begin to process an order. All the orders of the customers will be shipped within the business days (from Monday to Friday) rather than weekends. We have partnered with some of the leading shipping companies such as FedEx, DHL, USPS, and EMS. So, your order will be shipped on time without any delays.
  • We do ship multiple supplies of medicines for a single order, in this case, the handling and the shipping price will be carried out only for the first package.
  • The shipping time will depend on the time when you place your order of the medication. Mostly, the delivery of the packages will not be delayed and if so it would only due to the natural disasters or at certain times held by the customs.

Shipping Time Estimation and Charges  

21 Business Days

We would take a maximum of 21 business days to deliver both brand and generic Soma drugs if you order the medication under a standard delivery. The shipping charge would be $30.

14 Business Days

If you are ordering the medication under the express shipping delivery, then we would ship the medication packages of the brand and generic Soma within 14 business days. For express delivery, the shipping charge would be $45. You can also contact our customer care executive and as a special request, you may ask them to ship you through EMS if you want to.

For every bulk purchase of Soma you make, you are eligible to accommodate free shipping. However, it is required to pay a certain amount as if one is returning the package of medications back to us.

We offer a shipping service to many countries around the world. We will provide an estimated delivery to your location on the order confirmation page. In case if you receive your order being delivered lately or damaged reception of the medication, then you can contact our customer support team.

All your orders of medicines will be sent to your in a highly secure way of transport. If you didn’t receive the package at your doorstep within a 25 business day, then you are eligible to use of free reshipment or refund policy. In these cases, the orders will be processed and shipped within one day and a new tracking number will be given. Ensure you provide a right shipping address by that you will receive the package right at your doorstep.